Meet the #me too World Changers

Two words are being linked together to signify a common pain among us.  A deep scar left by sexual mistreatment, or abuse.  Whether left undeclared or spoken out loud, your story matters and I want to pause to acknowledge you. My heart breaks over your “me too”.  This is a unique invitation crafted especially for you. Please friend, read on.

I believe it’s important for us to speak out our pain, and express authentic empathy. Healing community can be found in doing so.  Our capacity for compassion is often most extraordinary towards those who suffer as we suffer.  The journey from open wound, to delicate scab, to healed scar is a very personal one, but we can be sojourners together.

We are Wounded Healers

wounded healer

We Move from Shame to Service

Did you catch that? Henri Nouwen’s words nearly lept off the page when I first read this in his book The Wounded Healer. 

Releasing what holds us captive – our pain, our shame, our unforgiveness, and our blame, we can become a source of healing to those wounded around us. Our pain in life is never wasted!  It is the gateway to freedom for those still held captive.  Who better to rescue a soul abused or exploited, then one who was a victim themselves.

We Live with Eyes Wide Open 

To embrace our role as Wounded Healers, is to see the brokenness of our world with unveiled eyes.  It’s more than simply knowing about the statistics, but connecting the faces, hearts and lives to those numbers. To soberly admit that sex trafficking is happening in our cities, and that slavery is as prevalent today, as it was a hundred years ago. To identify the “me too” stories within our communities, and to have compassion as we reach out in love.  To be educated on how to spot victims caught in dangerous webs, and to have the wisdom to know how to be their voice.

Friends, our stories have the potential to bring life-giving change!  You can be a vessel of incredible hope and transformation for others.  Soak that truth in with gratitude.

We Choose to Take Action

Will you start the journey with me today?  Hope is rising, and freedom is ringing out all around the world.  Let’s get on board to learn more and be fully engaged.

A21 not for sale

Come & Meet the A21 World Changer Team!

These are everyday men and women, like you and me, committed to bringing justice and healing.  Their Goal?  To end slavery and sexual exploitation in the world forever

Check out what they are doing and how to be involved

I think you ‘ll love this short video clip by A21: Modern Day World Changers

May your heart find healing. May your soul find peace. May your life find deep purpose.  Richest Blessings to you,

~ Sue

isaiah 58-6


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