Parenting Words from a Missed Mom

A Special Guest Post!   Words penned and spoken over 18 years ago, by a woman deeply loved and missed. Parenting and palliative care intersected paths for her at age 45, yet Mom’s life continues to deeply impact how my sister and I parent, and many others as well.

Written by Debbie Willick –  Shared at Women Aglow in May 2000

“I’m Debbie Willick. Just an ordinary Mom with an extraordinary God.  My daughters are Sue (age 15) and Ruth (age 10). Today I want to share with you a Debbie philosophy on raising children. I like to call it – The 20 Year Factor.

They are born, and you have them for roughly 20 years in your home, before they leave – for either college, university or even marriage.  If you live to be 80, that’s not a lot of time with your kids.

So use this idea to gain perspective, when you feel worn out, frustrated, or angry.

Look at the big picture and let it go.  Try not to major on the minors as a Mom.

Sue is 15 now.  75% of her time in our home could be done, and they have been wonderful years.  Ruth is 10.  Thank you God that we still have a decade to go. I can’t wait to see what God will unfold for you, Ruth!

The 20 year factor. I hope you can think about this often, and know when they’re gone, it is your prayers and encouragement that will sustain them.

We have made so many wonderful memories together.  From playing pranks at kids’ camp, to hayrides at the farm, playing cards with Granny & Popie, and sliding down the driveway on an old mattress in the snow!

All this is say, being a Mom is exciting, fun, rewarding, and the best job ever!  Some words I want my girls to know about being a Mom are this:

M – Meditate  O – Obey   M – Marvel


When you meditate on God’s Word, you gain God’s view.   

Read through Psalm 119 and you’ll be challenged to consider God’s ways and commands.

You need to find a place where you can meditate on God. I go to the river, it is beautiful and uninterrupted.  We are a fast society, and we don’t take time to meditate on God.  Last Thursday morning, it was wonderful what He showed me. My heart was heavy after coming back from McMaster with Sue.

He tells us to draw close to Him, and He will draw close to us.

Trust Him in everything. 

“Debbie, I will give you all the wisdom and understanding that you need. I will give you peace, but most of all, I will sustain your JOY.”

These were the personal promises for me, from a loving God.


John 14:15 – “If you love me, you will obey what I command.”

This verse came to life, when I was teaching a weight loss bible study. I thought I was getting involved just to shed a few pounds! But God… He had a different plan!                      I quickly learned that obedience = freedom and disobedience = bondage/slavery

Obedience leads to blessing, while disobedience leads to disappointment.

My dear Pastor shared with us, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” It’s easy to sacrifice at times, but it’s not so easy to obey.  Obedience is a full choice of the will. 


Watch the ways God works around you as a Mom, and marvel at what He has done.  

Is life perfect? No way! Is God faithful? Always. As you meditate and obey Him, be ready to watch and see His Hand at work.”

Mom wasn’t perfect, but she lived by these truths. She laughed everyday and let her silliness and joy, impact as many people as possible everyday …. especially the drive-thru cashiers at Tim Hortons!  Mom looked for “Jewels” from Jesus constantly.  Those simple ways He tells us how much He loves us everyday.

Thanks for reading, friend.  More parenting tidbits to come soon!  Just click Follow Sue at the top to receive encouragement right to your inbox 🙂

Be Blessed!  ~ Sue







4 thoughts on “Parenting Words from a Missed Mom

  1. When I often think back to previous relationships and miss some of the wise women I grew up knowing – it is a treasure to read your shared words from your Mom. She impacted so many of our lives and we are blessed now as women to have had her influence. Thanks for sharing Sue!

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  2. Gosh I miss her and you guys too. Your mom was always so much fun and in the midst of all the goofiness a bunch of teenage girls can be, she was such a shining light for Jesus. I love these words you’ve shared and they come at such an important time as my boys are getting more and more mischievous. Learning to “not major in the minors” is a daily thing. Thank you for sharing this part of her wisdom with us.

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