Pause your Life with Thanks

It was a morning of rush. A missed alarm, three kids to dress, two lunches to make, and a mama in a tale spin.  The clock was going to win, hands down.  The thought brushed past me gently, as I rushed madly around the kitchen.

Sue, give in. Breathe deep and embrace this day.   

I stopped abruptly to consider what I had just heard within.  How can I do that? Will the merry-go-round of life simply halt because I say stop? It seemed like an absurd idea.

The kids were moving slower than usual, and my patience running rapidly out of sight. So I took a chance. I breathed deep. I abandoned the morning schedule with some reluctance and yet relief.

We ate pancakes with real maple syrup around the table. We laughed about silly things.  As breakfast was wrapping up, our six-year-old unveiled his latest reason for adventure.  A treasure map with his pencil traveling in every possible direction on the paper. He invited us to join him to find the greatest treasure of all.

Hands and table still sticky, we followed his directions. Captain Eli in the lead, followed by Princess Emmi the Brave, and Sir Isaac. Off we went to  find the gold. Over, under, around and through, on our hands and knees. With each clue, we were reminded by our leader what an incredible gift awaited us.

A sudden halt and we arrived where the X marked the spot.  Crouching under the  harvest table together, we were met by a surprising end to our adventure. A simple wood carving of a young mom and dad cradling an infant, which usually rested on our piano.

I caught the eye of our boy’s tender heart and wide smile. Head tilted to the side, he placed the wooden figurine in my palms with gentleness and said,

“Look Mom! It’s the baby that saved the whole world. He’s the greatest treasure of all!”

Breathe in.  Breathe deep with emotion.  Breathe out with thanks. 

I pulled him close and whispered, “Oh Eli, you’re right. You have led us to the very best gift.”

We pause. We give thanks.

The moment is marked, with an X on my heart.  A reminder that to pause is precious, and to give in sometimes is a gift.  What I would have missed, had it been up to me.

Today may you experience the love of the One who calls you His own, and pours His blessings over you.  May you embrace the pause moments with joy and find greater reasons for gratitude.

Rejoice in the Lord always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.     ~ 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

With Grace,



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