You Are Worth More

Recently, I crossed paths with a high school friend. It had easily been 10 years since we had seen each other.  After only a few moments of conversation, it was obvious that her path has been filled with great pain. Over 14 years of intense medical issues, still no clear answers in sight.  A trip to the doctors that day, with the hope to find out why.

I couldn’t get her off of my mind for the rest of the week. This young woman, much more beautiful than she could likely see, much more capable than her body would allow for.  I wondered what God thought in the midst of her suffering. Was He there? Did He see her?

There is this short snippet of an encounter that Jesus has, with a woman desperate to be well, to feel whole again. Her money spent, her dignity gone, her hope deflated. It had been 12 years of suffering with no end in sight. Then in a moment everything changes.

In one last feeble attempt to be restored, she takes an enormous leap of faith.
She crosses all social boundaries and acceptable behaviours of the day. She reaches out – empty handed with a desire to be filled.

“If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.”
Immediately her bleeding stopped, and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering.

One second was all that it took! Her whole world was turned around.
Story finished. Well, not exactly.

Jesus longs to connect with her, and heal the deeper scars.

“Who touched me?”
With trembling hands, she falls at His feet and the whole truth comes out.

Jesus sees her.

“Daughter. Your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

A name of endearment, tenderness, and protective care by a loving Father. Had she known the strong embrace of a Father before? Now to be called beloved, and to feel cared for deeply. This is where the true healing begins. For a broken woman who had lost all hope, and was ready for a change. For you and me, in the broken mess of our lives, desperate to feel well and healed.

You are not who you were
You are not what others say about you
You are not the “sick one”
You are not a burden
You are not beyond hope
You are not a failure
You are not a disgrace

You are His Beloved
You are Chosen
You are Loved
You are Set Apart
You are Worth It
You are Seen
You are Significant

Scripture References: Luke 8:42-48



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